Giotto, di Bondone  born 1266 Vespisgnano bei Florenz - dead 1337 Florenz

Italian painter and builders.

Giotto, di Bondone were in Florence, Assisi, active Rome Padua, Rimini, Neapel and Milan, maybe also Avignon. Since 1134 he was dome-master builder in Florence. Is teachers was to old tradition Cimabue. The newer research thinks however at Pietro Cavallini. Giotto have beside the Florentine and roman tradition also elements of the Byzantine art the antique, early-Christian painting in Rome as well as the French Gothic processes. Is more monumental style of the through him and his numerous student swift over whole Italy was spread, is the basis for the overall newer Italian painting. Immediate student Giottos is Bernardo Daddi, Taddeo Gaddi and Maso di Banco. Different, so how the painter the allegorical depictions of the Franziscan-viertues in the under-church of saint Francesco in Assisi (Maestro delle Vele), is namely not.Giottos wide-tense development becomes the attribution of important factories, especially the Frescoes of the arena-band in Padua, for example the Annunciation at Maria with 36 scenes out of the record and the life Christi. Furthermore the doomsday and the allegories of the virtues and vices, about 1305 as well as the crucifix painted on wood.

Further important Frescoes and works on mosaic in Florence and Rome.


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