Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn 15.7.1606 Leiden - 4.10.1669 Amsterdam

Rembrandt are the most renowned painter Hollandís and a the most renowned Europe. As actor of the biblical story he goes out of the civil blackboard painting and the Dutchman's Protestant Christian-rum, levied his art however over all temporal, social, national and sectarian borders too general validity. Is factory is in approximately 600 paintings, over 300 etchings and more as 1500 hand-drawings.

His lives he accomplished exclusively in Holland, that then out of modest starts also to the world-validity. Rembrandt, son of the Leidener miller Harmen van Rijn, ent-came to strive of the normal people. He visited the school of lateen and also the university, goes with however approximately 15 years to the historical-painter Jacob Swanenburgh come back from Italy into a three-year old teaching, on it one more half-year to the Amsterdamer Pieter Lastman, his actual Teachers, and maybe still to Jan Pynas. 1625 began Rembrandt in Leiden independent to painting. The paintings his Leidener early time of 1625-31 didn't go of new Dutch landscapes-, still lifes- und portait-paintings, but of the paintings of historic Pieter Lastmans out of, the- in Rome at factories of Elsheimer, the Carracci and Caravaggio educated- panel paintings with biblical or antique Topics into theatrical factual understanding, on southern portrays stage with strong side-light, in powerful curve and color-ness of the

Figures painted. Rembrandt absorbed Lastmans appearances into the Human and Spatial through forceful observation and insid participation, dramatic order, steers light and personal brush-leadership. What first of all severely und' crass, colorful, over-increases or terse works- martyrdom of the sacred Stephanus (Lyon), Bileams donkey-in, in Paris, eviction Wechsler out of the temple!  (Moscow)- that became soon to a new correspondence all singles-trains of vereint.1631 settled Rembrandt to Amsterdam over. Already in suffering being he recognized is now he attracts the artistic life of the metropolis with their collectors, sponsors and art-dealers. It the success began, the fame and so that also the economic ascension. Immediately he got jobs. Out of the years of 1632 has gotten alone 30-dated painting, also a group-likeness. 1634 he married Saskia van Uylenburgh, daughter of a looks at, affluent lawyers in Friesland. On auctions he bought also paintings, graphics, plastic and exotic curios so inoccuous, that he because of wastefulness was slandered. 1639 he acquired on paying off a big house, that expenses his situations wide exceed. Is success became confirms through numerous important student, that learned since 1631 at him, how approximately Jacob Backer, Govert Flinck, Ferdinand Bol and Gerbrand van the Eeckhout.  

In the 1640er years Rembrandt give up the baroque. Instead of dramatic mood-full areas prevailed now with unpretentious figures hold, whose sensation into the spell of the bright-darkness to the expression comes.

In the 50er years itself levied too his art monumental silence and size.

In the 60er years Rembrandts monumentality with wide connected flowing, in it self expression-full colours. His late-factories are pensive picture-poems, singular in the European art.


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